Our Story

In 2017 our first workshop our first workshop opened where we could create whatever design we wanted to make. For our clients it was wonderful partnership as we could bring whatever engagement ring, weddings ring or other fine jewellery ideas to life without a massive premium and we are involved with the entire design process and manufacturing process. Which is the reason why we could confidently give every item we make a lifetime warranty which our clients appreciates.

Gemstone sourcing is our hobby and a matter of passion. Almost every couple of months, we journey to far out places such as India, Myanmar, South Africa and South America, by backpacking, car or boat, to gather experience and to find the one gemstone that fits the client perfectly. Of course cutting out the middlemen expenses is only an added bonus.

Henry and Ivy are obsessed with quality here at ©P.H. Eterná. We define ourselves by our finished jewellery pieces and not by how much we spend on advertising, posh offices or other gimmicks. What matters is our clients and what matters to our clients is what they get. Friendly, approachable and expert service with beautiful end results.

For us our business model is simple. A modest well presented office that offers everything a retailer shop can and beyond. For our clients it is a wonderful partnership where we do not have to sacrifice any quality and at the same time we could follow things more closely and provide a more comfortable, more personalised service to our clients. 

In 2017, the company was formed by Henry Cheng and Ivy Cham and was called ‘Pak Ho Jewellery’. Now this has since been shortened and combined into ©P.H. Eterná. As the future unfolds, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters out there who’s stuck with us and especially those who believed in us from the start.

Thank you!